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When you address only part of the body, you will receive only partial healing; but when you Harmonize the body as a WHOLE, you will receive WHOLE body healing ~ physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  The Prime Meridian GoldZone™ (via the feet) IS whole body healing.

The signal system in the feet connects to every cell in the body. The signal system is an invisible energy representation of the whole body (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). The right foot represents the right side of the body and the left foot represents the left side of the body. Both feet put together represent the whole body. 

Everything negative that you experience in your life creates disturbances in YOU. This includes the thoughts you have, the emotions you feel, the food you eat, the things you drink, the air you breathe, etc. All disturbances are reflected in your feet and can be Harmonized through your feet. A simplistic way of understanding this is imagine that your body is the computer and your feet are the keyboard; we "program'"your body through your feet.

The Prime Meridian GoldZone™ (via the feet) is a simple, non-invasive and effective way to Harmonize the WHOLE body, utilizing the extraordinary meridian zones and signal system in the feet, in about an hour. It is safe for people of all ages and encouraged for people of all professions. This technique is an important step for you to become an active participant in YOUR healing!Use this page to say hello, provide a short explanation of your practice philosophy and the type of bodywork you offer.

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